“That’s what lovers are. A series of closed doors that ought not to be opened.”

Tale Telling

Couri Johnson is a graduate of the North Eastern Ohio Master of Fine Arts. She grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, a city that is equal parts rust-belt and woodland. This mix has made its way into her work, which combines elements of fabulism and folklore with gritty realism. She is current co-editor of Willow; Women Involved in Literature Lifting Other Women .

Her poetry chapbook Revisionist History is available through Dancing Girl Press.

Her collection will be published by Bridge Eight Press in Spring 2020.

For updates on her work, follow her on twitter.


“You’ll have to forgive me for waiting to tell this to you when you’re sleeping, but it’s the only way I can do it.”

-I’ll Tell You a Love Story

Collections and Chapbooks

Revisionist History Dancing Girl Press. 2015.

I’ll Tell You a Love Story Bridge Eight Press. Forthcoming 2020.

Flash Fiction:
Little ThingsEnizagam, Volume 13, August 2019
Clown Town.” Thrice Fiction, January, 2019.
The Woman the Spiders Loved,” Penultimate Peanut, September 2018
Passing Fancy,” {parenthetical}, Words on Pages, June 2016.
After I Had Prayed to the Gods of Home and Garden,” 50-Word Stories, 2014.
“Progress Report,” MicroHorror, 2013
Dearest, I Am Sorry,”50-Word Stories, 2013

Short Stories:
The Center of Everything,Cagibi, July, 2019.
This is Where You Leave Me,littledeathlit, Spring, 2019.
Curlew Pychopomp, February 2019
Anatomist” Obra/Artifact, January 2019
My Darling, Where Have you Gone?” Dark Lane Anthology 7. October 2018
Tale Telling,” Syntax & Salt, June 2017
I’ll Tell you a Love Story,” Bone Parade, January 2017
Dancing Girls” Weird City, February 2016
Animal Heart,” For Book’s Sake, February, 2016.
Thursday” Broken Pencil Magazine, January 2016.
Wolf’s Wake,” Print Oriented Bastards, October 2015.
Dream Girls,” Tales From the Grave, Zimbell House Publishing, October 2015.
The Oakton,” Aphelion’s Best of 2014, 2014.
Providence,” Deimos eZine, 2014

News from Home,” The Coil, April, 2018.
Halfway up the mountainside,” Albatross. January, 2017.
You kept the window open,” Beechwood Review. May 2016
Out of your letters,” Gloom Cupboard, February 2016.
There is a bird singing a song,” The Voices Project. January, 2016.
Post-cards to Ex-Lovers,” Text, November 2015.
The Gambler’s Daughter,”,Gravel, 2015.
We Watched a Special on Werewolves in Wisconsin in Silence, After,”Melancholy Hyperbole, 2015.
We Built Our Churches Using Borrowed Nails,” Decades Review, Issue 12. 2014.
Since then, like a Wild Thing I Have Grown,” Poppy Road Review, 2014.
They Say that Even Sandstone Mountains will One Day Fall,” Melancholy Hyperbole, 2014.

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Eddie Loves Debbie; The Youngstown Anthology, Youngstown Student Literary Arts Association, 2013.